What is Venturo Spirits?

Venturo Spirits is a private family liquor label started in 2012 by Jack Venturo in Lancaster, CA.

“NEGOCIACION VINICOLA PEDRO VENTURO” was founded in 1896 by Pedro Venturo Toledo in the district of Surco, Peru.

It was continued by his son Pedro Venturo Zapata as “NEGOCIACION VINICOLA PEDRO VENTURO S.A. HACIENDA HIGUERETA Y ANEXOS” at the Hacienda Higuereta in Lima, Peru. in 1917.

It was continued for private use in 1996 by Pedro Venturo Zapata’s son Pedro Venturo Markoch, and his grandson Pedro Venturo Jr. in Lima, Peru as “PEDRO VENTURO E HIJOS”, “PISCO VENTURO”, “PISCO HIGUERETA”, & “PISCO MARKOCH”.

In 2012 it was continued, reestablished and rebranded by Pedro Venturo Zapata’s grandson Jack Venturo as “VENTURO SPIRITS”.

Today it is a private family liquor label used to preserve the history and legacy of the Venturo family.

Welcome to Venturo Spirits!

Pedro Venturo Zapata believed in community, camaraderie and family. 
He believed you could work together with your fellow man and achieve a common goal. 
During his time at The Hacienda Higuereta in Lima, Peru he and his staff created various products of superb quality. He brought together a community that to this day loves and respects him.
Now in California Venturo Spirits believes the same mantra and continues the dream to create quality products and bring friends and family together in reunion and celebration. 

Who is Venturo Spirits?

Jack Venturo – Owner/Winemaker = Lancaster

Eydie Venturo – Co-owner = Lancaster

Pedro Venturo Markoch – Founder = Peru

Pedro Venturo Jr. – Advisor = Peru

From Left: Pedro Venturo Toledo, Pedro Venturo Zapata, Pedro Venturo Markoch, Pedro Venturo Jr., Jack Venturo.

Pedro Venturo Toledo (1875-1928) Engineer, Migrated to Peru with his family from Italy and founded “Negociacion Vinicola Pedro Venturo”.

Pedro Venturo Zapata (1896-1952) Winemaker, distiller, manufacturer and owner of “Negociacion Vinicola Pedro Venturo Hacienda Higuereta y Anexos” from 1917 to 1952.

Pedro Venturo Markoch (1950-) Winemaker, distiller, and owner of “Pedro Venturo e Hijos” Began “Pisco Higuereta” & “Pisco Markoch” in 1996.

Pedro Venturo Jr. (1971-) Winemaker, distiller Began “Pisco Higuereta” & “Pisco Venturo” in 1996.

Jack Venturo (1981-) Winemaker, distiller, and owner of “Venturo Spirits” Began in 2012.

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